The ocean has my heart, the mountain fuels my soul. Light chaser by the day and stargazer by the night. I’m a dreamer, lover and an adventurer. I love to travel and enjoy meeting new people. I adore natural light, smile, warmth and most of all, people in love. I am passionate about storytelling and hope I can use my images to tell your beautiful stories.

I like to let things happen by themselves and capture the moment in between.  This is your day, one day that you have been dreaming of, the day that will forever be cherished deep in your heart till the end of the time… it is such a beautiful thing and I want you live every second of it to the fullest. And I will be there to capture your smile, laughter, tears, and all the hugs and kisses…I may remain invisible, but if you are seeking for some guidance, don’t you worry, I got you.  Lets talk, share our visions, lets makes some amazing memories together. Lets trust one another and let this relationship bloom into a friendship. Show me who you are and let the beauty in you shine through.. because once be become a team, then it is all magic from there… Can we be friends now…? :)


Jan 25 – 30 Tofino, BC
April 26 – May 2 Ohau, Hawaii
June 2 – 14 California
Sept 4 – 14 Spain
Sept 15 – 21 Toronto, ON

Up Knorth Sweater

I search for inspiration in every aspect of life. I have deep love for nature – the mountains, woods, and the oceans, but especially crazy about water. I think there is something magical about water that makes everything extra passionate and romantic. I am a strong believer in a saying “all the good things are wild and free” I love my awesome family and friends, who have been always there for me, supporting me through out this entire journey with unconditional love. I also love good music, food, camping + trips, hiking, dancing, and enjoy sharing all these wonderful things with all the amazing people around me.

If you are adventurous, free spirited, and has a nomadic soul then we would probably get along pretty well :) Hit me up if you want to jump in the water, or climb some trees/rocks, or be on the beach watching the stars at night with cozy campfire and a cute blanket cause I am all up for it! I will grab my camera and run to you. OR if you want to talk over a coffee or a brunch or a dinner or a glass of wine, also do let me know because I would be down for that as well ;)

looking forward to hearing from you!





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