Frequntly Asked Questions



Will we have a chance to connect with each team members?

Yes! Even though I will be your main point of contact most of the time, if you'd like to directly connect with the other team members to discuss further details and seek their expertise, you are always more than welcome to communicate with them.


How many hours of photography coverage are included?

All collection includes 3 hours of coverage


Will you help us find our dream location? Will there be extra fee?

This applies to the Romantic Escape collection.
Yes! I will help you to find your out of the movie backdrop for your elopement! As well as the logistics of getting there, the timeline and all. If any transportation or ticket is required at any time, please note that this will be charged as additional fee.


What if one of your team member is not available?

Don't worry we still got you! Our team members will recommend another talent with similar skills and styles with confidence! So you will always be taken care of by the most professional, artistic souls who want to make your elopement dream come true!


How many people are allowed?

The current restriction allows us to have 10 people max.
Photographer + officiants are included in this number.

Updated March 1st 2021