Brix Restaurant Wedding | Vancouver, BC | Siri + David

Weddings / Elopements

Siri and David planned to tie their forever knot surrounded by their loved ones at Brix & Mortor on Decemeber 22nd 2017.

How did it all begin though? 7 years ago, David from Australia flew to Vancouver with his buddies to go on a snowboarding trip to Whistler. Before heading off to the mountains they had one day to spend in town. So David and his buddies decided to stop by the Cinema Public house to enjoy a glass of cold beer or maybe two :P ... and that's where it all started.  Amongst the crowd, David spotted this beautiful Canadian girl. Her name was Siri. As soon as they started to chat, they hit it off right away and as you can see, the rest is history. When David went to Whistler, Siri joined in on their snowboarding adventure so they got to spend a few more days in BC together. A few weeks after, David left Canada to go back to his home in Australia, but they continued to keep in touch. Not too long after, Siri moved to Australia to be with David <3 ahhh so romantic right !?

Siri and David came back to Vancouver to celebrate their big day. This is the city where they first met, where they fell in love, so it only made sense to celebrate their big day right here in Vancouver. On December 22nd, 2017, in Yaletown Vancouver, Siri and David say 'I do' to each to become husband and wife! Here are some snaps from the day xoxo