Elfin Lake Snowshoeing Adventure| Squamish, BC | TRAVEL


2015 has been pretty amazing for me. But this... !!?? What a perfect way to end the perfect year! Probably one of the most epic walks I did within the last couple of years! When my friend asked me if I wanted to come along I was so excited!! and of course,  my answer was a BIG FAT YES.

We left Vancouver pretty early in the morning so we had enough time to grab a coffee at Galileo, which is a small coffee shop on the sea to sky highway on the way to Squamish, BC.  After, we made our way up to the base of the mountain where the trailhead begins. We had to put on snow chains in order to make it through the last part of the snow-covered path. The entire trip up to the cabin took us about 4.5 hours, including short breaks in between. The view during the entire hike up was just absolutely breathtaking... Gahh! It's so unfortunate that photos don't do them justice. So you will just have to get out there yourself and see it for yourself! It is an indescribable feeling... When we finally reached the cabin at the top, the sun was setting. All that light bouncing off of snow... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...We stayed overnight at the cabin with 30 other adventurers and was back on our feet the next day early morning. Oh, don't forget to bring earplugs. Strongly recommended if you want to get some good night sleep!

HNH24142 HNH24148

seemed to be slightly gloomy in the mornings

HNH24149 HNH24151 HNH24152HNH24154

Moon still chilling over the glorious mountains


Oh hello fellow adventurer?

HNH24161 HNH24172

look how tiny people are compare to these trees!

HNH24175 HNH24176 HNH24181

Where we left our car behind…

HNH24200 HNH24220 HNH24227 HNH24233

us looking fabulous! hahaha

HNH24276 HNH24280HNH24281 HNH24282 HNH24288

making friends on our way up!

HNH24316 HNH24319 HNH24324

actually turned out to be a beautiful sunny day!

HNH24329HNH24343 HNH24370

the moment of appreciation…

HNH24388 HNH24397 HNH24402

HNH24416HNH24410HNH24448 HNH24457 HNH24472 HNH24481

HNH24493 HNH24497HNH24499

Tiny cabin on the mountain!!


actually its not tiny at all…

HNH24521-2smHNH24553 HNH24541



HNH24554 HNH24557 HNH24567 HNH24570 HNH24572 HNH24579HNH24591 HNH24592 HNH24600HNH24357sm HNH24613 HNH24616HNH24618 HNH24617HNH24625HNH24630sm HNH24637HNH24653HNH24663

HNH24664 HNH24678