Fairmont Waterfront Herb Garden Wedding | Vancouver BC | Ryan + Tertia

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At the Fairmont Waterfront rooftop garden Ryan and Tertia, with their deepest love, read out their vows to each other. And after, they went to Nuba Gastown to continue on with their wedding celebration. It was the perfect place for Ryan and Tertia's wedding. Warm light, intimate layout, amazing Lebanese food, various cocktails, and most importantly with close friends and families. The best day ever!

From the Groom:


Seeing each other for the first time during the First Look!  Tertia had seen me in my suit but I hadn't seen her dress beforehand.  I stood nervously on the roof top garden of the Fairmont Hotel with my kind going wild with what she would look like and how lucky I was to be where I was with her.  When she tapped on my shoulder for me to turn around, I turned and faced her with tears in my eyes, blown away by how beautiful she looked.  She had also choked up at the moment, looking at me with the most stunning eyes in the universe.   The most important part though was knowing we were marrying the most beautiful souls we'd ever met.

The second best moment was giving each other our vows.  They were so perfectly written and crafted through the deepest love.  Tertia wrote hers through a theme of Tofino, her most favourite place in Earth.  And I wrote mine through the theme of a video game called Dark Souls.  We loved each other's and had a good laugh and cry through the entire experience.

The third best moment was finally sitting down at the restaurant, Nuba Gastown, with all of our wonderful, loving family and friends for an unbelievable dinner and visit.  We had no further plans, just to be together with loved ones, and the evening went off without a hitch!



Tertia accidentally friend-requested me on Facebook on August 17th, a day before my birthday.  I didn't know who she was but saw that we shared a mutual friend so I accepted.  The next day she sent me a happy birthday message and we began talking more throughout the day.  Shortly after, we exchanged phone numbers and continued sending text messages for a week until she suggested we meet up for a coffee.

On Sunday, August 25th we met for coffee and nachos at Stormcrow Tavern on Commercial and hung out together until sunset, where we watched the sun go down from Britannia Park.  Tertia then drove me home to my apartment where we had our first kiss.