Gastown Couples Session | Vancouver, BC | Andrew + Mariya

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Andrew and Mariya love having a good coffee, so one of their favorite thing to do is exploring good coffee and pastry shops. In Vancouver GastownNelson and the Seagull and Milano Espresso Lounge had become their go-to spots, so we thought it would be perfect to include these places in the shoot. This session was a gift from Andrew for Mariya's birthday :) What a sweet gift hey?

So being the best third wheel I am, I crashed their little Sunday date, following them all around Gastown. We started with Nelson and the Seagull, and then Milano Espresso Lounge for round two, then just strolling around beautiful moody Gastown. 

How about a hot latte and gourmet cookies on a chilly rainy day? Perfecto right ;)


From Andrew + Mariya 

Hi Henny! 

Thanks for all the wishes! Happy new year to you too, I am sure it will be very successful for you because you've gat a talent! We've just browsed the photos, and they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
Genuine, true and creative! The series in Milano with a winking man is hilarious!! And Mariya could hardly pick her favorite because there were too many. 
Thank you very much, what we've seen made us happy and smile :) 
Andrew and Mariya

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