Gastown Engagement | Vancouver, BC | Sonia + Henry

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After many days of cloudiness, the sun finally decided to peak out, so Sonia and Henry with their two fur babies decided to head out to Gastown, Vancouver. With their two cutest puppies, we walked all around from Timbertain Coffee to Birds and Beets  giggling snapping away all these moments, taking full advantage of the beautiful sunny day. Wishing these adorable family forever love and happiness!


Sonia and Henry sitting by the window in Timbertrain Gas townSonia&Henry looking out the window at their puppiesSonia&Henry sitting by the window smilingFamily photo in front of Timertrain Coffee RoastersSonia kisses Henry on the cheekSonia laughing with Henry and puppies in gastownSonia leaning on Henry in front of Timbertrain Coffee Roasters windowSonia petting her westieStreet style photography gastown engagement shootSonia&Henry walking dogs in GastownSonia&Henry sitting in front of cafe in GastownSonia and Henry holding hands black and white photosSonia and Henry takes their dog out for walk in gastownPuppies sitting in Gastowngastown black and white portside beer drinks music sportsSonia and Henry walking dogs in GastownSonia and Henry happy together gastown engagement photo mini aussie tri color Sonia and Henry laughing together gastown engagement photoSonia leaning on Henry black and white gastown engagement photo Sonia and Henry candid moment on window reflection Sonia and Henry at birds and beat in gastown engagement Sonia and Henry sitting by the window birds and beat engagement Sonia and Henry gets coffee at birds and beat engagement Sonia and Henry laughing together at gastown coffee shop engagement