I Casali Di Colle San Paolo | Umbria, Italy | Sam + Matt

Nestled in the heart of Umbria, Italy, Sam and Matt’s wedding was a true testament to love, laughter, and the unexpected beauty of imperfection. Surrounded by the most beautiful olive trees, their day began with promises of an outdoor ceremony, a dreamy al fresco dinner overlooking the mountains, and a dance party under the Tuscan stars.

Sam and Matt were in luck with the sunshine during their first look. Sam was absolutely breathtaking in her gown and Matt looked dashing in his tailored suit. As the day unfolded, the clouds started to roll in during their ceremony. The rain held out as Sam and Matt shared their vows among the gorgeous field of olive trees. The ceremony ended and guests made their way to the courtyard, while the rain started to slowly fall. The best part was seeing how Sam, Matt, and their guests continued to enjoy the cocktail party and embrace the rain. Sam’s sister, who is a phenomenal singer, even started serenading the couple while all of their friends and family swayed along to the music and admired her voice. It was a scene straight out of a movie!

Eventually, the rain changed from light showers to a complete downpour and became too much to bear. Sam, Matt, and their guests made their way inside leaving the beautiful al fresco dinner table scape to soak outside. Everyone found a spot in the room, some standing against the wall and some sitting on the floor. The speeches started, and were so genuine and heartfelt – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. During the speeches, the power went out so they lit candles and guests used their phones for light as well. Even in these close quarters and unfortunate circumstances, the warmth of their love radiated throughout the room.

As the speeches ended, thankfully so did the rain! It was as if nature itself had joined in the celebration. With the help of their guests, Sam and Matt made their way back outdoors, everyone working together to reset the table and dry the decor to continue with dinner as scheduled.

Sam and Matt’s wedding was about embracing every moment, rain or shine, and finding beauty in the unexpected. Having been part of over 200 weddings, I have never witnessed a celebration so beautiful and genuine before. Thinking back to this day makes me tear up as it was one of the most positive, intimate, heartfelt, and happiest weddings I have ever been able to document.


Photographer: Hennygraphy

Videographer: Innar Hunt Films

Venue: I Casali San Paolo

Catering: Rossomelograno

MUA: Wedding Makeup Italy

Singer: Charlie Colby

Floral: Flower House Studios

Dress: Union Bridal – Eva Lendel

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