Hidden gem of beautiful British Columbia, Jones Lake.. Vancouver weather has been ridiculously amazing for the past few weeks, so of course me and Oana (Up Knorth) packed up our stuff and headed out to chill by this stuuuunnnnning lake. We were originally thinking of camping but decided to turn it into a day trip. Normally, it would take about 1. 5 hours to get to this lake from Vancouver, however we were caught in a bad traffic so it took us little bit longer. We were almost convinced that we were not gonna make it on time to catch the sun, but luckly the traffic cleared up just before our patience ran out… SO GLAD WE STILL WENT !!

      It’s very smooth ride up until exit 153 on Trans-Canada hwy but once you get off of it gets bit tough. Service road leading up to the lake is pretty steep and rough so its not quite recommended for low clearance vehicles – some say, if you are a good driver, you can probably get up there in a smaller cars, but you are probably going to end up damaging your vehicle. 4×4 or high clearance vehicles strongly recommended.

      Once you get up to the top.. OH MY GAHD

      This is something I’ve never seen before. You can park your car right upto the shore, and camp right by the water. Some people drag up their boats and canoes/ Kayaks. I havent got a chance to camp out there yet, but soon baby soon…

      Thank you Oana always for showing me the greatest spots <3

      Jones Lake Chilliwack BCn Explore BC Canada Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-6

      there are few cabins along the lake.

      Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-9

      Thank you Oana for the shot!

      HNH26373WEB HNH26342WEB HNH26352WEB

      This Babe and the view…

      HNH26382WEB HNH26412WEB HNH26389WEB

      mountain charcuterie yummm

      HNH26446WEB HNH26451WEB



      Styaing Cozy in Up Knorth Sweater (here)HNH26516WEB


      Devine light pouring through the mountains … so so beautiful! Look how tiny these cars look !

      Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-44hnh26554webJones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-47
      That Moonlight over the mountains

      jones-lake-08112016-28988web jones-lake-08112016-28993web

      Cheers to the beautiful world we live in. Sleeping under the stars is my favourite thing to do <3


      And the best thing – Morning fire. Waking up to this magnificent  view and building fire and grilling everything on it.
      Oh and the highlight is campfire heated coffee <3


        and the next morning !

      Driving towards the peaks, chasing sunset. Oolalaa

      Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-50 Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-53 Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-54 Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-55 Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-59 Jones Lake British Columbia - Hennygraphy-60