Happy 2016 !! :) Whoa cant believe its actually 2016…like… ALREADY!! Crazyy!!  and that I am back home for good this time!  Hope everyone had wonderful holidays with friends and family and of course all of the fuzzy friends :P

      Ever since I came back, I have been trying squeeze in as MANY adventures as possible, long or short trips … jus as many as I could … B-) SOOOoooo…. Couple weeks ago, me and my lovely friend Oana (UpKnorth) along with two other adventurous souls decided to hit up Levette Lake! Very gloomy, foggy day with mix of rain and snow. But who the heck cares? Mountains were calling and the view was still amazing so we HAD to go.

      Awesome time in snow, chopping wood, have a little fire going, with some beers on the side doing little photo shoot. . .Amazing times!!!!

      well… we kinda did end up getting soaked and fire did not last as long as we wanted, BUTTTT !! STILL, who cares!! thats the beauty of being outdoors.  We still had AWESOME time  :) Feeling extremely blessed to be so close to the mother nature,

      Here are snaps of our day, ! Filson bag and the and the Khaki Filson shirt  can be purchased online at www.upknorth.com


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