One of the best thing about living in BC is the nature that surrounds us… mountains, oceans, trees as tall as buildings…and gahh the majestic view everywhere! Everything is just a couple min away and each location has it’s own beauty… It’s just so amazing and I’m very glad to finally be back home… Time for me to experience what i have missed out on so far!!  Anyways, couple weeks ago, me and my friend headed up to Cypress Mountain to go for a quick walk / photo shoot. Few min drive up and few min walk and voila! Perfect way to spend any day/to get rid of stress… I think we both agreed that we should just go into the woods, build a cabin and just live there… with cozy fire place, warm fuzzy blankets and beers to keep us warm….  call it mountain therapy ;) !! If you have’t explored around, now is the time! Gear up and get outdoors! I know i will for sureeeee!

      Check out Up Knorth for all the amazing explorer’s essentials and Postmark Brewing for Cabin-side beers

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      Traveller Clip   |   Filson Small Canvas Duffle

      Gloves   |   Classic Toque   |   Necklace


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      Traveller Clip   |   Filson Photographer’s Backpack   |   Filson Small Canvas Duffle

      Gloves   |   Classic Toque   |   Necklace