Squamish is one of the most sought after place for many avid climbers as it provides easy access to numerous world-class climbing. So what a perfect place for Cydney and Adam to be! Their love for adventure and climbing has brought them together and closer and now all the way out to the west, where now they call their home. We decided to take a sunset walk through Squamish Estuary, one of their favourite place to be, their backyard, and also Adam’s daily running route to work. Here is also snippet of their love story <3



      From Cydney + Adam:

      Love at first rent. We met in a slightly unconventional way (to be honest who doesn’t meet in unconventional ways these days?) where Cydney moved into her new student house in second-year university and complained to the landlord about the mess that was left by the previous student tenants. The landlord assured her that a cleaning team would be over to come to sort it out, low-and-behold the landlord themselves came to clean up the house; this landlord being Adam.

      Since we’ve been through exciting adventures around the world both together and independently, grew businesses and faced challenges. At the end of it all, we always came back together, grew stronger, and partnered up for the next mountain to climb (both literally and figuratively). Rock climbing played a key role in our relationship and helped us work together as a team and find common interests that we could develop together. We became so dedicated to the sport that we eventually packed up all our belongings, moved into a van and traveled North America looking for climbing destinations. You learn a lot about someone when you only live in 80 sq ft. This trip took us to discover our new home which is now Squamish, BC – another rock climbing mecca.
      Rock climbing also led us to the moment Adam proposed. We were on a fall trip to Moab, Utah – some of the best sandstone crack climbing and one of our favourite climbing destinations – and just finished climbing in a remote area for the day. We were by ourselves in the middle of nowhere on a goat trail with a 45-degree slope heading 100’s of feet down into the valley. Adam turns around on this trail and decides to propose and Cydney was so shocked she turned around and started walking the other way. After we celebrated with a Mexican meal in town as opposed to our usual jet-boil pasta in freezing temperatures (desert gets chilly at night!).
      Together, we’re excited for new adventures in this next chapter of life!

      Squamish engagement session at Squamish Estuary Squamish estuary engagement session


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