Squamish Estuary Engagement | Squamish, BC | Marty + Anisa

Squamish, located on the north of Vancouver is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts like Anisa and Marty! From kitesurfing, to hiking, to rock climbing, mountain biking, camping and fishing the list goes on. There are so many activities you can be doing here, that you’d never run out of things to do! And if you are not an adventure lover, then you can one of many breweries as well as restaurants, sit on the patio and enjoy a glass of beer with that gorgeous mountain view!

Anisa and Marty chose their backyard Squamish Estuary as their backdrop for their engagement session. They enjoy running on trails together, exploring new and old areas of this beautiful location. Love the earthy tone of Squamish Estuary in Fall! such a different vibe from summer where everything is green and lush. (Check out summer session here)