Sometimes it’s good to get out and do something creative. So, last year around this time, me and my talented group of friends decided to head out to Sunshine Coast BC to work on this editorial. And well, we just wanted to go away for a day. It’s fun you know :P

      The shoot was styled and directed by me and Sara from Sara Mulder Jewelries  

      Here are the summery for the shoot, beautifully worded by Sara. Thank you !

      “The vision for the photo shoot was for a slightly more fashion forward bride: edgy with a romantic flare and fresh face. We chose the Sunshine Coast for its miles of beachfront and densely wooded areas in which to play. Our setting gave us a backdrop of neutral, monochromatic colours to showcase the concept and bring the dreamy day to fruition.”

      oh and thank you Real Wedding for featuring out work!!  :) happy to finally share them!

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      Concept & Styling: Hennygraphy & Sarah Mulder Jewelry
      Photography: Hennygraphy
      Hair & Makeup: Jane Mallonga
      Bridal Gowns: Truvelle
      Model: Orianna Gray, Leo Management
      Location: Sunshine Coast, B.C.