Trout Lake Family Photo Session | Vancouver, BC

Hidden Past Work

Okay just going to start by saying this is one of my favorite faily session i've ever done! so many smiles and giggles, hugs and kisses all enwrapped by summer glow. What a beautiful summer day it was to be celebrating Amelia's 3rd birthday! Sarah and her family decided to gather at Trout Lake to have a picnic to for the wonderful occasion. Golden light falling onto the kids running around barefoot on the glass. Willow tree dancing shedding some leaves as the light breeze brushed against them. I loved watching these two lovely kids playing together. When Amelia's big pink baloon pooped, big brother offered his green balloon to his lovely sister. Amelia immediately started to smile again and of course, me as well! After when everyone finished their meal, little sibling got to open Amelia's present together. The rest, I would love to let the images tell the story. Lovely memories from one summer afternoon with Sara's family :)