May 30, 2019

Vancouver Art Gallery | Vancouver, BC | Jenzel + Brian

Couples / Lifestyle

some people may not be a huge fan of gloomy days, but sometimes it is the most romantic setting that you can ever ask for, especially around the Vancouver Art Gallery and Vancouver Public Library area. That diffused light, wind, and raindrops falling down from the sky... Or actually... It may just be these two, who turned everything into a romantic movie set. When Jezel asked me if I could document her and her loving partner, I was beyond stoked and maybe slightly nervous at the same time as Jenzel herself is a talented photographer (check her work out here!). Honestly, how loving are they ?! The entire session, I couldn't stop smiling, cause you know I am a huge fan of love, and they are the pure definition of it. Had such a great time documenting their moments, and here are a few shots from the day that I'd love to share.