When I first heard from Stephanie and Lyndon that they are planning a surprise wedding in disguise of an engagement party held at Bonterra Trattoria, my immediately started to wonder about how I could capture the mood and the excitement of their day. Also I was pretty excited at the fact that I was one of the few people who knew about this surprise wedding. Even their closest friends and family had no idea! so you can imagine how I would’ve felt :P

      Stephanie and Lyndon got ready together at home while enjoying their favourite glass of wine. Shortly after they got to Bonterra, their guests started to arrive, with their parents as first to arrive. Quickly, the restaurant was filled with their loved ones. Stephanie and Lyndon greeted each and everyone thanking them for coming together to celebrate their engagement. Once everyone arrived at Bonterra, the lovely pair asked for everyone’s attention. This was it! the moment that they and also I have been waiting for. As soon as they announced that this engagement party was actually their wedding, eveyone’s eyes widened, and soon bloomed smiles. Here is story of the perfect night in Calgary.


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