Bonterra Trattoria Surprise Wedding | Calgary, AB | Stephanie + Lyndon

When I first heard from Stephanie and Lyndon about their surprise wedding at Bonterra Trattoria, I got super excited! What a cool idea it was! I immediately started to wonder about how I could capture the mood and the excitement of their day perfectly. The plan was invite everyone to their ‘engagement party’ and reveal that it’s actually a wedding, and have the ceremony on the spot! How refreshing is this idea?! I was so stoked because this was going to be my first time capturing a surprise wedding. Also, being one of the few people who knew about this little secret made me giggle in happiness. I mean come on! Even their closest friends and family had no idea! So you can probably imagine how I felt :P

And the day finally came. Stephaine and Lyndon got ready for their big day together at their lovely house in Calgary. Favourite country music playing in the background, sipping on their favourite white wine, getting more and more excited about the surprise!  Shortly after they got to Bonterra Trattoria, the restaurant started to fill up quickly with their guests who of course, had NO IDEA. They were super happy to be attending their ‘engagement party’ andwere congratulation them, asking when their wedding is going to be. HAHA!

Once Stephanie and Lyndon confirmed the arrival of all the guests,  the lovely pair asked for everyone’s attention. So this was it! the moment that we have all been waiting for! “Thank you, everyone, for coming to our engagement party! But… actually, this is our wedding” And then you can probably guess what happened the next.  The crowd went wild! Everyone clapping, cheering, smiles blooming everywhere, hugs, high fives… What an exciting moment! Here is the story of the perfect night in Calgary.


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