French Garden Canvas | Micro Wedding Decoration Inspiration

French Garden Canvas | Micro Wedding Decoration Inspiration is produced and presented by Chris & Kay, Wedding Planners & Stylists. Article has also been written by Chris & Kay.

This editorial garden-inspired styled shoot is all about embracing the abundance of beauty and lighthearted elements in springtime. As wedding stylists, we fell in love with the concept of an elegant garden-inspired wedding with an element of creativity expressed in an art form. This charming, romantic shoot was captured beautifully by Hennygraphy.

Our goal was to show that wedding ideas can be fun and unconventional when it comes to planning the style and aesthetics of your special day. With a light soft-moody touch of a romantic artistic vibe combined with a garden-like feel, it is as if you are stepping in to a classic fairy-tale. The beautiful minimalistic wedding gowns hand-designed by Elika in Love tied together with a fresh, flawless soft glam make-up created by Anastasiia May Art emanated a classic and non-traditional modern look that blends beautifully into the dream-like atmosphere.

Floral designer, Estefani from De La Flore Designs created beautiful, asymmetrical floral arrangements that appear as though the flowers, branches and stems naturally sprung from the garden and beyond the windows. Feeling inspired to create a fairy tale-like setting, Estefani incorporated floral elements that visually merged with the studio, which evolved and became a life-size canvas in full bloom.

Every detail of the set reflected the creative garden theme that we were going for. This included a set of elegant wedding invitation designed by calligrapher Christine Williams. From the beautifully written ornate calligraphy to the divine deckled-edged paper, we cannot help but be in complete awe of the delicate penmanship fashioned in customized brush pen lettering details that captured the essence of an intimate garden wedding. The loops and the typographic flourishes added extra flair, while smudges ranging in shades of pale mint to deep green exuded a spring-like feel to the overall look of the suite.

Handmade ceramic dinnerware and candle holders, created by the talented Anna Citak, were laid out on the table, complimented by curation of mismatched vintage flatware and glassware. We kept the table very simple which allowed the natural beauty and shape of the ceramic art pieces to speak for themselves. It was like a work of art in sight as the decors were surrounded by a beautiful floral garden setting alongside two beautiful canvas paintings created by Sarah Mulder Art.

At the center of the table, we had a classic three tier cake with ivory buttercream swirling around the surface that looked like paint on canvas. Keeping it minimalistic, the lush environment accentuated the textures of the buttercream drawing your attention to the cake’s simplistic elegance. We had an opportunity to evolve the cake as the photoshoot progressed and the environment of the studio changed. Cole Friske, from The Federal Store, kept it elegant by delicately placing a single oversized floral for the cake’s second look, and added soft fresh blooms for the third iteration; turning his classic confection into an organic beauty inspired by its surrounding. 

Presented by Chris & Kay, Wedding Planners & Stylists