What a great way to kick off the season documenting these two lovely humans tying their knot at the  beautiful Rowena’s Inn on the River ! English-style manor, cabins, and cottages surrounded by mountains… and two souls Natalie and Jackson madly in love. After 9 years of being together, they were finally tying the knot, becoming one family at last. Ah, what a perfect day! I think one of my favorite moment of the day was when Jackson got a letter from her beloved Natalie. The moment he got his hands on the envelope, his eyes were filling up with tears of joy quickly. As he sat down and read through the letter, I could see him waves of emotion quickly sweeping him up. So much love you can feel. Also, how adorable and thoughtful is that card? The one Natalie sent to Jackson before the ceremony…It said…’I don’t have words. I have love’  SUPER ROMANTIC!

      And this was just the beginning. So you can probably imagine how emotional and love-filled the entire day would have been! And can we talk about how cute their ring bearer Flynn the Aussie Shepherd is ?! with wrath around his neck. So cute!

      Here are a few selections from Natalie and Jack’s wonderful day.


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      Venue: Rowena’s Inn On the River
      Makeup: Makeup by RP
      Hair: Justyne Hair Studio